Chocolate Nut Upside-Down Cake

Chocolate Nut Upside-Down Cake

Today’s chat is about gender equality in Canada.  I think we pretty much take it for granted.  You know, there are sports teams for boys and girls, co-ed teams, women playing hockey in the Olympics, women dentists, women lawyers, etc. etc.

What many young people don’t know and we tend to forget is how long it took to get to this point, for women even to earn the right to vote.  It was a battle for a woman to break through the glass ceiling in business and become a V.P. or an executive with the same salary and benefits as a man.  A bank wouldn’t give a woman a mortgage if she didn’t have a man to co-sign for her.  So if you were single, didn’t have a living male sibling or parent, you had no one to sign for you so NO financial transaction.  How about back in the day, not so long ago, when, say for example, your husband was abusive…you couldn’t divorce him as he would take your children and you had no legal ground to stand on.  This really was not such a long time ago.

So how come the Government of Canada, including Kathleen Wynne, are supporting gender segregation based on a few Islamic men refusing to be in classes or courses with women.  Isn’t Kathleen herself a woman?  I’m sure she has had to fight a few battles to be taken seriously as a woman in politics so how come she supports this gender segregation (or should we just call it what it is…discrimination against girls and women) as do some universities, such as the University of York to name just one.  Remember all it takes is 1, yes 1, to start change whether it is negative or positive.

Now before you get the wrong idea I am not against anyone’s religious beliefs or against anyone Muslim.  The interesting thing is probably most Muslims in this country are not even for this.

Think about how you would feel about these things:

Pretend you put your daughter on the school bus in the morning and upon her return in the evening she informs you she now has to sit in the back of the bus, where all the girls now MUST sit, since one of the boys refuses to sit with the girls.  This boy is new to Canada.  Other new immigrant kids on the bus sit with all other children but this one boy says he cannot so the issue goes to the school board and they rule everyone must be segregated based on sex when riding the bus.

Pretend you sign up your kids for an Akido class. You know, as does everyone signing up for this class,  it is a Japanese discipline.  You take it for that reason.  To learn a martial art form with different traditions. In this class you must bow to the Sensai and bow to your other class mates as part of the class and out of respect.  All is going fine until a new boy signs up.  He will not participate with the girls and refuses to bow as required.  He only bows to HIS GOD.  Suddenly the class must change and the boys must be segregated from the girls and although everyone else bows and follows the rules of the class this new kid changes everything for everyone.  The class must be segregated by sex.  Complaints are made but it doesn’t matter as apparently this 1 individual causes NEGATIVE change for all.  What about democracy or majority rules?!

Example 1 is fictional but example 2 is a fact.  Could you imagine if someone tried to do the above to a person of colour or a handicapped individual in Canada.  Why, the outrage would be overwhelming (as it should be)!  What bugs me the most is how a few make a noise and everyone runs scared and refuses to stand up.

You think I’m blowing hot air.  Check this out.  Oh and it is International Women’s Month so let’s not forget what we have and not let a few take it away!!

So how does this lead to chocolate with a nutty caramel topping….I’m annoyed and irritated and the only way to sooth my soul is with something chocolate and a trip to the kitchen to bake.

Put these together and you have a yummy chocolate cake that you flip over onto a plate shortly after removing from the oven with the caramel and nut topping already in place.  Just wait for it to cool a little and you can dig right in.

Serve as is or add a little vanilla ice cream.  This is a delicious cake and impressive looking.

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